Scott and Catherine Mercer


Who We Are...

Our names are Scott and Catherine Mercer and we are full-time missionaries with FamilyLife headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our journey together as a couple began in Montvale, New Jersey where we were married in May of 1983.  We lived in Prospect Park, New Jersey for twelve years. During this time God blessed us with three children.  As the needs of our family grew we moved  to Ridgewood (just three miles away) where we spent the next twelve years.

Our children are now adults.  God has truly blessed us as a family.  In order to understand our motivation to be in full-time ministry we must go back further.  I (Scott) am the product of a broken home.  My parents divorced when I was 13 and, lacking focus and direction, I chose to pursue a Godless course in life until 20 years of age.  I made many poor decisions culminating in a sense of helplessness and hopelessness.  I felt, at that time, I was in a corner with nowhere to go and no future for my life.  Fortunately God reached down with His redeeming hand and snatched me out of the pit I was in.  I re-dedicated my life to Christ to be his disciple and was determined to clear any and all distractions from my life to follow him alone.  Then a few months into my journey I met my future wife.

Catherine was looking for a personal relationship with Christ as well.  She came from a solid family background but began feeling a spiritual emptiness when she reached her early twenties.  She experienced "religion" in her upbringing but wanted something more personal.  After a very promising employment opportunity in South Jersey dissolved she began seeking in earnest God's plan for her life.  She recalled an invitation, through a high school friend, to attend a college and career group at a local church.  I was the leader of that group when she began attending.  We realized we were both looking for the same thing: a meaningful relationship with Christ.

A friendship began after several months and we devoted ourselves to the study of God's word.  We also attended the Urbana Missions Conference together in 1981 as a result of our desire to grow and follow God into missions work.  Our relationship grew significantly and we were married two-and-a-half years later.  We then realized God's calling to make our family our mission field.  We were both committed to cultivating a different family life than either of us had experienced growing up; a family foundation based on biblical principles, open communication, love and trust.

It has been an amazing journey!  We invite you to look over the next few pages and take a moment to read about our vision and passion for Christian marriages. Thank you for spending your time with us!